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Ralph Schumacher Soccer Complex                  18507 US HWY 98 West

Raymond C. Christensen, Jr. Memorial    210 Cater Lee Way / 998 West Section 


Copper Kettle Teabar
106 N Chicago St
Foley, ALĀ 36535

The Little Tea House with a BIG Heart Serving tea, treats, light lunch and friendship. My sister Sue Adams, and I understand soulful moments well.Our Mother has a great gift for topping off even the most ordinary occasions with a sense of celebration. Our parents are also great entertainers and everyone that walks through their door is made to feel welcome. In the book, The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg writes "...when I first drank the joys of blissful public congregation, I have never since lost my appetite for it." When I read those words I felt as though I knew exactly what he was feeling. Consequently, hospitality has always been a part of who we are. Moving here we saw a need for "A Great Good Place". a place where the guest mattered more then the product......Perhaps we were really feeling our own need as we had left a lifetime of friends and family to resettle in the South. Either way, it stirred us to the adventure that begun in 2005 following the devastation of Hurricane Ivan...first opening The Two Sassy Cups Tea Room and later adding the Ole Mug Coffee Bar. Since then we have served many a cup of tea to both traveler and neighbor. The initial tea room has transitioned along with our personal lives, but the magic of the teapot has never ceased to hold the possibility of an extraordinary moment.